David Platt: “Don’t Squander Your Singleness”

At the CBMW 2014 National Conference, “CBMW and the Gospel: A Brave New Movement,” David Platt gave a stirring word on Christian singleness. We at CBMW have heard for some time that people need more biblical material on singleness. We agree, and for that reason we asked David to speak on this important topic.

Watch all the CBMW NatCon ’14 videos here.

“We affirm singleness as a good gift from God that portrays the gospel of God….For billions and trillions of years, we will all be single. So: don’t squander your singleness.”

So Platt said in his talk. Watch this bold, richly biblical message (just 17 power-packed minutes!) and you’ll see that CBMW is offering fresh resources to handle today’s tough questions. Singleness is not a problem to be solved; it is a state to be used for God’s honor. We’re so thankful to have partnered with David Platt and with his terrific organization, Radical, to present much-needed biblical truth to a church hungry for it.

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