Kevin Vanhoozer to Give Inaugural Scudder Lectures on Public Theology

I’m excited to announce that Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School will give the inaugural Scudder Lectures on Public Theology on September 22-23, 2016. Dr. Vanhoozer is one of the top theologians of any stripe in the world, and will be lecturing on “The Pastor-Theologian as Minister of the Gospel.”

Here is the schedule for Vanhoozer’s visit to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Thursday September 22, 2016

 6pm: Dinner (at Midwestern Seminary, free)

7pm: Lecture One | “The Pastor-Theologian as Minister of the Gospel: Understanding What Is in Christ”

Friday September 23, 2016

10am: Lecture Two | “The Pastor-Theologian as Minister of the Gospel: Acting Out What Is in Christ”

We at the Center for Public Theology are thrilled to host Dr. Vanhoozer. The public is welcome and invited to these free lectures. We have structured them so as to be workable for busy pastors; you can drive to Kansas City, stay over just one night, and be back in your ministry context by early afternoon.

Dr. Vanhoozer’s lectures will build off The Pastor as Public Theologian, the book I cowrote with him (here’s one kind take from The Gospel Coalition on this text). I believe these lectures will be tremendously helpful for current and future pastors in shaping a vision for ministry, and I encourage you to attend them here in Kansas City in three weeks’ time. This is the very first public event of the Center for Public Theology, and we could not be more excited about it.


(Image: Wheaton College Bible Department Professors- Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer, September 3, 2009
© Michael Hudson, All Rights Reserved)

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