My Book on Chuck Colson Is Now Less Than a Dollar

My Book on Chuck Colson Is Now Less Than a Dollar October 7, 2016

colsonMy 2015 book on Chuck Colson, The Colson Way, is currently selling for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle (click here to get it). This is obviously an unusual deal, and I’d encourage you to take advantage of it. I’m really thankful for the way The Colson Way has been received. It won an award from Outreach magazine as the Book of the Year (2015) in the “Evangelism” category. Here’s the official citation from Outreach. I was–and am–grateful to the Lord for this commendation.

The good folks at Desiring God also named The Colson Way an honorable mention in the category of books “engaging culture” in 2015.

99 cents on Kindle will get you started in the deeply encouraging story of Colson. Having written a book on him, I still think regularly, almost daily, about his example as a Christian statesman. I have regularly heard that “there are no Chuck Colsons today,” and while that may be debatable, it’s clearly true that there is a great need for evangelical statesmen in our time.


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