“The Colson Way” Is on Sale for 1 Dollar

“The Colson Way” Is on Sale for 1 Dollar October 12, 2017

colsonwayIt’s not every day you can pick up a book for a buck.

Here’s your opportunity: my publisher just let me know that my 2015 book “The Colson Way” is on sale for a very limited time for 99 cents. Go here to snag this deal. (The book is so inexpensive, I feel like I’m doing something wrong in telling you about it.)

It was a joy to write this book, which is equal parts an accessible biography of Chuck Colson (the first biography published following his 2012 death) and a lay-level public theology for the modern church, particularly younger evangelicals in search of a workable public polity. I had the privilege of interviewing folks like Eric Metaxas (who kindly wrote the foreword), Robert George of Princeton, Emily Colson, Hugh Hewitt, and the recently-deceased Michael Cromartie about their relationship with Colson. Colson is a tremendously important evangelical figure; not everyone agreed with all he championed (me included), but those interested in an actionable public-square Christianity cannot help but learn from him.

I was grateful for the fact that outlets like Desiring God and Outreach magazine commended The Colson Way a few years back. My biography of Colson comes on the heels of the illuminating (and considerably longer) work by Jonathan Aitken, published in 2005. In terms of formal efforts, The Colson Way and Aitken’s text are the only two serious studies of Colson that I’m aware of in the last 15 years or so.

You can get the hardcover version of The Colson Way for under $10, by the way.

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