We believe in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come Amen

I have always feared death. I’m not really sure why but I have. One of my very first memories is of my grandfather’s funeral. I remember my Tio Roy holding me and telling me to kiss my grandfather’s cheek in his coffin. I asked him in Spanish “Why is Apa sleeping in there?” I don’t remember what how he answered me but I remember leaning over from my uncle’s arms and kissing my grandfather’s face. It was cold and nothing… Read more

Saints; God's way of letting us know that there is hope

So I woke up this morning and read someone who I’ve known since childhood was having a hard time. For some reason the bible verse that came to mind was “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  (oh and before I go on let me say that I think my guardian angel woke me up at 4:45 am to give me a bright idea about Saints. It was my first update this morning. He was YELLLLING that… Read more

The Love Poverty

(I found an old note I wrote on FB and thought I’d share. Please excuse me if it seems harsh, I think I was having a moment that day. LOL) Disclaimer: I’m a horrible speller by nature and even worse when I go off on a “tangent”, forgive me. There are many issues in the world today. Abortion, homelessness, illegal immigration, terrorism, the economy, world hunger, human trafficking, drugs and alchol abuse, murder, racism, discrimination, hate crimes, the list goes on and on…. Read more

7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 3

1. First week back to crazy time!!! The kids and I went back to school this week and overall it’s been a good week. I really thought that getting Daniel up for 6:30 am football practice would be much harder. But much to my surprise it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I hope it stays that way, and if it does I may have to nominate his football coach for teacher of the whole world. Getting Daniel to do anything that… Read more

Friendship Requires Truth

Real friends always tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it and it hurts you to hear it. That’s why I love Candie Flores, she has always told me the truth about myself even when I did not want to hear it and I’ve done the same for her. Sometimes that means we fight and don’t talk for a few days, but in the end we always are friends, in fact we are sisters. We will… Read more

The devil is a lie

Yesterday a few friends of mine put this for their status on Facebook: “When you carry the bible, Satan gets a headache. When you open it, he collapses. When he sees you reading it, he faints. When he sees that you are living what you read, he flees.” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out exactly what bothered me about it, until this morning. Then after my morning run (I’m so happy to say that!) it hit me…. Read more

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 2)

1. This has been a great week!! Stacey put in a bid for a HUGE account and he got it. We are so excited. But that means so much more work for me. I used to beg and beg to help with the company. Now I wonder why I didn’t just keep my mouth shut and ask for a mansion and a margarita machine!! 2. I got into a debate with a man over the pro-life issue this week. Unlike most pro-choice… Read more

Even Jesus mourned

Matthew 4:13 When Jesus heard of the death of John the Baptist, he withdrew in a boat to a deserted place by himself.  Yesterday’s Gospel reading was about the multiplication of the loaves.  Father Dean hit on something interesting that I had never thought of. The Gospel began with Jesus finding out about the death of his cousin, John the Baptist. When Jesus heard the news about His cousin’s death, who he was  very close to,  he wanted to be alone…. Read more

7 Quick Takes Friday

      1. Well here is my first 7 quick take Friday. I have no idea what I’m doing so if this is the stupidest post ever then I’ve done better than I thought. 2. I was reminded yesterday that in just 22 more days summer will be over and we will back to trying to figure out how to get 4 kids to actually learn something in school and not be a drop out statistic. Then we have to… Read more

Life's Blessings

There I was, a 16 year old junior in High school thinking that I knew everything.  I tried not to throw up as I sat there waiting to see whether or not that little stick was going to tell me if I was going to be a mother or not.  Not because I was nervous, but because I worked at Long John Silver’s and the smell of fish frying was not working with me that day.  Once the stick ended… Read more

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