The Story of Stacey and Lethy

I promised that I would tell the long story of how Stacey and I came to be. So here it is.  I’m not really sure where exactly to begin, like I said it’s a very long story, so I’m just going to start with the beginning as I know it and go from there. Kenedy and Three Rivers Texas are 2 small towns that are about 30 minutes apart it was between these two towns that our love story unfolded,… Read more


Last night I went and watched a movie with a girlfriend of mine. As usual, there were 2 hours of previews before it started. Most of them were previews for romantic comedies, and it got me thinking. Why is it that in this day and age when so many people think that “marriage is a dying institution” that there are so many movies about love? They all looked like cute and funny movies, and they all got some things about… Read more

Guess I'm a blogger

I’ve been kicking the idea of blogging around for about a year now. Back in the day when Myspace was cool I loved blogging. It was my outlet in life. I cringe when I go back to read those blogs now.  I had a really bad mouth, not to mention the fact that I was completely lost. One of the good things about reading them is I can see how far I’ve come in the last four years. Boy is… Read more

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