Wow, that was fast. Marko and Phil both got it. OK, here’s another from an older movie:

“You can’t dust for vomit.”

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  • Charlie McGlynn

    I honestly don’t know what that is from. Could you please offer some Spinal Tap, Pap, or Tarp, which ever you prefer. “Some has to put his foot down, and that foot is me.” Try that one you P.A.

  • tony

    dang, i’m going to have to come up with more obscure quotes.

  • Phil Hull

    I am a movie trivia expert specializing in movie quotes. I lead a movies-based small group. I own over 500 movies. I’m a little obsessed. Oh, and the other quote is Animal House. Try to pick movies that everyone hasn’t seen a hundred times.

  • tony

    Sorry, Phil, this quote is from Spinal Tap!

  • Phil Hull

    I know your quote is from Spinal Tap. Charlie got that one before me. Charlie’s quote was from Animal House. Just to clarify.

  • tony

    One hates to be schooled on one’s own blog. However, I will resist the temptation to erase my thick-headed comment and allow all to see my ignorance. I will, however, continue to try and stump Phil in the future.

  • marko

    it sounds like stumping phil might be accomplished by using a category out of normal human life.just havin’ fun, phil — don’t take offense! :o)

  • Phil Hull

    Thanks Marko. Good to see YS is in such capable hands. Don’t you have more important things to do than make fun of me? I am also an expert in the fields of sports, television, and music to a lesser extent. And yes…I don’t leave the house much.

  • marko

    actually, no, i don’t have more important things…just playin’ with ya, phil. have a great day and go see another movie!

  • Phil Hull

    Hey Tony,Isn’t it nice to have two people having a conversation on your blog that doesn’t involve you? That’s one of the marvels of blogging. It’s not like I could send Marko an email and carry on the discussion privately. I’d rather do it for everyone to see.

  • Len

    Some like to watch which is the veouristic nature of blogging that at times bugs me and yet, I keep peeking in on others lives.

  • Gman

    They always could be talking hockey. wait a minute ..there is none right now.