Women's Hoops Blog — by Sara & Ted

My brother and sister-in-law run the best blog in the universe on women’s basketball: Women’s Hoops Blog. A couple of (thus far) kidless lawyers who know way too much about this subject, plus occasional other stuff.

Here’s a movie quote that applies:

“My boy’s wicked smart.”

Movie, anyone?

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  • clave

    Good Will Hunting. You don’t hear “wicked” much outside of Boston.

  • Ted

    best blog in the universe on women’s basketball… damning with faint praise, i suppose?ah, we’re used to it.

  • Brian

    Yeah, great scene from GWH… Funny you should quote that. Watching the end of the Red Sox-Yankees series I kept thinking to myself, “Hey A-Rod, do you like apples?” and then I’d giggle.