Central Jersey Emergent Cohort – next meeting

OK, everyone, I think we successfully avoided coming to any kind of consensus as to how we move forward with this thing. And as much as I am flattered, I think it’s loopy that some of you want to plan the meetings around my schedule in Princeton.

However, because I want to spend time with all of you and am, at my core, selfish, we will indeed meet when I am next in Princeton, and that is next week. Though I can’t swing a Thursday night, I will be around on Tuesday, which is $1.50 marguerita night at Charlie Brown’s (although they’re are almost completely lacking in tequila).

So, although it’s late notice, we will meet TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, FROM 9-11PM AT CHARLIE BROWN’S.

Business: Who leads from here? Is anyone willing to administrate a cohort blog? When and where do we meet from now on?

Theological discussion: Was God swept away in the tsunami? Or, what are the most promising theories of theodicy for the emerging church?

  • Anonymous

    theodicy question???ahhh, what seems to be the problem with the church’s initial stance? You know, that whole free will thing they’ve got going on there.

  • EL MOL

    where do you live?

  • Anonymous

    where does who live?