Going to the National Youth Workers' Convention?

Wanna talk about Emergent while you’re there?

If so, meet me at these times/places — we’ll go grab a meal:

Sacramento: Saturday, October 1, Hyatt Regency Lobby, 12:30pm

Pittsburgh: Sunday, October 16, Westin Lobby, 12:30pm

Nashville: Saturday, November 19, Renaissance Lobby, 5pm

All are welcome!!!

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  • daniel greeson

    I hope to see you in Nashville…

  • kcwahe

    hope to chat with you in Sacto!

  • Andy Jack

    Looking forward to catching up with you in Nashville!

  • manofredearth

    Nashville it is. Sorry we couldn’t grab that cup of coffee back at the EC in Nashville, I know you’re a busy man and all. I hope all is well.

  • gavin richardson

    i’m with daniel, and i’ll probably be toting jay v. with.. maybe i’ll get him to drive

  • david

    tony, i wold like to meet you when you are in pittsburgh if you have time . . .

  • St.Phransus

    i might just take you up on that one tony!shalom,jonathon

  • Matthew McNutt

    Hello! Just stumbled on this from Len Evans blog … enjoyed your face off with Duffy in PA. Good stuff; made me think about some things. I’m still unsure why Duffy and others are so afraid of the emergent church/postmodernism. Although, I do have to admit, I’m still pretty unaware of what all it is. I had always heard it as kind of a bad word until the last few months when I finally read some things about it – and it seems my philosophy of studying the Bible seems to line up in some ways. Maybe that’s a weird thing for an ordained conservative Baptist minister to say. I’m not really sure. Maybe if I keep reading I’ll get scared … lol …