UPDATE: Live North of Columbus, OH?

Wanna talk about Emergent?

Meet me for dinner at 8pm!!! [this is an update!!!] in the lobby of the Comfort Inn in Mt. Vernon on Friday, October 7.

If you’re involved in youth ministry, you can also register for SkillQuest at MVNU — it’d be great to see you there!

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  • Matt

    Hi – Been reading this blog for a while. I’m living in Warren, OH and I’m interested. If there are more details, you can e-mail me at matt at msquaredt.com. Thanks!::Matt Thomas

  • samwise

    well, that’s almost home…and it will be good to have you in the neighborhood for a few days. i’ll see you for dinner for sure. blessings!roepke

  • Lukas McKnight

    Are you going still be there on the 8th or 9th?

  • Metz

    Was looking forward to you coming in the area and am disappointed I’ll be out of town. Any chance some of us Columbus-area folks can try getting together in the future? I’d be in for that . . . been hoping we could do that for while but wasn’t sure where to find a group interestd in emergent discussions.

  • Anonymous

    Tony thanks for your time last night at dinner…very good discussion.and to all those who couldn’t make it we are hoping to gather as much of us as possible in the area and try and stay connected. so keep checking back, i’m sure tony will blog when we launch.

  • samwise

    tony…thanks for making the time last night. good things are afoot. i hope your day went well. we will work to pull a cohort together. you’re a blessing. praying that your travels the rest of the month go well! blessings. tom

  • Jeremy Thompson

    This weekend was fun. I forgot the book that you told me to read. I understnad the thought about not having a doctrinal statement but because of what I have been reading and the way I was brought up, I am having a hard time with swallowing it. Also, I can’t believe you did not keep my 4 spiritual laws track that I bought for you. I really thought you could have gotten something out of it. Just kidding. Hope to hear about the book. See you in Nashville.

  • Scratching the Itch

    Hope you don’t mind but I think I heard that you and Dan Kimbal are going to be teaching inthe Philly area sometime in the near future. Could you just let me know if it’s true and how I can get info on it. Thanks