I’ve recently been interviewed on a couple of podcasts, each by people who are interested in but somewhat reticent about Emergent. The first is Craig Bob at outoffellowship, and you can find it here (my apologies to Craig Bob that I was working on very little sleep at the time, and I was really low energy).

The second one is by long-time critics of Emergent, Steve and Josh of stupidchurchpeople. It’s here. I’m a bit more fiesty in this one. Theirs is part one of two.

[UPDATE: Part 2 here.]

If you’re looking for theology, these aren’t it — both of them are trying to answer the question, “What, exactly, is Emergent.” I tried not to duck and weave too much.

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  • Mid-Knight Rider

    Right,if you are looking for theology, these arn’t it because emergent does not DO theology. They re-inculturate liturgy, which of course, inherintly involves incorporating theology, but not DOING theology. As a previous poster has stated well, all of emergent’s theology has already been done for them in the RCC and Eastern Orthodox churchs….

  • EL MOL

    huh?pictures and podcasts. . . welcome to the new millenium my friend

  • suburbanjesus

    i’m with the MOL, welcome to podcasts… keep a look out for the “(non-sanctioned) emergent dallas hour” podcast, starring suburbanjesus, iblamemyself, moljunior, and the MOL himself.

  • James Paul

    I appreciated both podcasts. Emergent seems to be a moving target. A nomadic movement. It was helpful to be able to hear your heart.

  • Smitty

    emergent really is, the way I understand it, quite boring. Am I wrong on this issue?

  • jeff

    Nice job on both podcasts. I’ve been pimping them on my blog (and trying to get a beer fund going for you…)Anyway, well done… well, on scp I guess its well done so far. I heard thru the grapevine that there’s some fireworks in the 2nd half… (I didn’t realize you emergent guys were so hot-headed… :)Thanks for dishing it out, as well as taking it… Who knows? Maybe if I learn few more frilly words and open up my mind a little more, I could be emergent too… there’s always hope!!Nice job!

  • jeff

    oh and smitty,I’m not emergent, so I’m probably not qualified to answer your question. But from the discussions I’ve seen, I think it could be safely said that as long as there are Baptist & Methodist churches out there, Emergent cannot legally be referred to as boring… :)(jk)

  • Anonymous

    Jeff hates methodists & bapitsts Merry Christmas to you too Jeff

  • jeff

    Nobody mentioned hate except you. I simply made a joke.