My Kids — TV Stars!

Watch it here (I had to open it in IE — it didn’t work in Firefox).

Mine are the two stars — Lily asks for “Size 4, please” (notice the manners), and Tanner is wearing the red helmet (his idea).

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  • Steven White

    Great video Tony, by the way I was able to open it in fire fox if I launched it outside my browser using real player.

  • suburbanjesus

    maybe your kids can bankroll emergent with their new acting careers. genius!and it worked fine for me in firefox.

  • FrogJD2


  • Brian

    Nice! I didn’t even try to open it with Firefox…Suburban Jesus might be one to something with the child acotr bankroll thing, because unless Tanner’s skating ability improves dramatically, I don’t see an NHL contract in his future, although the helmet may catch on. Can you trademark a look?Great video, thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    does tanner believe in the emerging church and if so, has he been baptised or re-baptised…does the emergent church believe in infant baptisim or the holy orders?

  • mary fran

    Oh my god Tony, they are precious….. Lily looks just like her daddy…well, except that you aren’t “precious” :~)

  • carla

    mary fran, I couldn’t disagree more. Tony is absolutely precious and he usually pulls it off without a bow in his hair.

  • jeff

    totally cute!!!