Baudrillard on Disneyland

“Disneyland: a space of the regeneration of the imaginary as waste-treatment plants are elsewhere, and even here. Everywhere today one must recycle waste, and the dreams, the phantasms, the historical, fairylike, legendary imaginary of children and adults is a waste product, the first great toxic excrement of a hyperreal civilization.”
Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation, 13 (italics added)

So, you can see my ambivalence at exposing my son to this. We’ll be wearing toxic excremement-proof shoes.

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  • tomcottar

    toxic excrement…How nicely appropos. I’ve read S+S twice since you blogged about it sometime back..something about your top ten recommended readings…Great thoughts I would’ve perhaps never run across. Enjoy Disney. Remember to wipe your feet.