The Thermometer…

…that you see in the right panel is charting my progress toward completion of a book manuscript. The book is due in early January, so you can see that I have a ways to do. I figure that if I go public, this will raise my chances of finishing on time.

My writing method is to spend a lot of time stewing on the content, thinking, taking notes, and doing background reading — I did this May-August. Then, when the book is pretty much “written” in my head, I have to bear down and write hard for a couple months — I’m on my third draft now, having thrown away my first two drafts. I’m in that final stage now, writing the draft that I’ll submit to the publisher.

I am fortunate to not suffer from “writer’s block” — when I sit down to write, the words are not a problem. Being disciplined about writing is the real obstacle.

But, as I was told years ago, there’s a three-word formula to writing a book: Ass In Chair.

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  • lisa

    You gave me hives just thinking about writing that many words in two months! Oy! Back to my own ms.

  • Anonymous

    Any possibility that you could reveal the general subject of the book?Keep going Tony, I really enjoy your thoughts and am always challenged by them to work out my own faith in Christ because of them.