The Verdict

Torn medial meniscus, requiring arthroscopic surgery.

Also confirmed: I suffer from white coat syndrome, which means I faint when doctors start drawing pictures of my broken body parts. It hasn’t happened since 1990, but it happened today. The doc said, “That’s the fight-or-flight response, and your body is choosing flight.”

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  • mark

    sorry to hear about your knee. I think you meant. “fight or flight”but i suppose with “white coat syndrome” flight or flight is more appropriate.riddle

  • Steve K.

    Ouch, dude! Hope you have a restful Christmas and can get back going again soon.

  • Charlie

    You are old! Hopefully we can get you rolling soon again so we can ski next winter or something!

  • brett

    it’s ok tony…i had that and an ACL done when i was 22, and i can still surf, skate and play basketball…once i get my hand thing back in line!YOU ARE NOT OLD!!!!