But Will They Serve Lutefisk…

…when I’m in Norway?

[UPDATE: Oops, I meant Sweden. Yeah, I know the difference. Really, I do.]

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  • Pastor Astor

    Tony,Stockholm is in Sweden. actually. I think I could arrange for you to have lutfisk, but why not try the Swedish speciality surströmming (fermented herring) instead?I’m looking forward to hearing you!

  • Thomas Willer

    hm im nut sure what to think. First you Think Denmark is in sweden and now Stockholm is in Norway… 🙂 Anyway looking forward to get you over…

  • sam andress

    Don’t do it Tony. Part of my family is full Swede and my grandfather served me Lutefisk once at Christmas time and I am scarred for life! I don’t even eat regular fish because of that experience!You’ve been warned:).

  • Simon (cheese Danish)

    HEHE Tony! I don’t blieve you know the diferrence:)

  • Cindy

    do you know how they make lutefisk? ugh. btw- i’m post -live blogging the conference. does that count?