Fall Travel

I’ll be on the road a lot this fall. If you can make it to one of these events, drop me a note and maybe we can get together for a beverage and a chat:

September 6-7: Center for Youth Ministry Training (for CYMT students only), Nashville

September 20-22: MidAmerica Nazarene University, Kansas City

September 30: University Baptist-Waco, Waco

October 1-2: Baylor University, Waco

October 2-5: The Emergent Gathering, Santa Fe

October 13: National City Christian Church, Washington, D.C.

October 27: National Capital Presbytery, Washington, D.C.

November 2-3: National Youth Workers Convention, St. Louis

November 9-10: Presbtery of the Inland-Northwest/Whitworth College, Spokane

December 4-6: Church of Ireland Youth Department, Belfast

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  • Uganda 9

    Just a note to appreciate when you came out to little Baker City in Eastern Oregon. My wife and I enjoyed your monring message as well as the Q&A in the evening, minus the name calling that occurred. I know that your presence will certainly open eyes and hearts in ways that we will be feeling for quite some time. I know that the Nazarene Church will be stirred up for quite a while. As devisive as your presence might have been, it has caused people to think about their faith and that is never a bad thing. God Bless!

  • The Confessor

    Tony,I’m at Vanderbilt these next two years. We live just a few blocks from the school. Would love to have you over for dinner!-Nathan

  • Jeff

    Sigh… I thought you were going to be at the Atlanta youth convention as well. I’m in Illinois, but going to Atlanta instead of St. Louis. That might have been a mistake….

  • lucas

    tony,hey, i’m at truett seminary and would love to get together for coffee. i’ve talked with some seminarians about getting a cohort going, but alas nothing yet. chris moore is a classmate of mine and he speaks well of you…mostly. ;-)email me: lucasland@gmail.com

  • Bethany Hoang

    Hi Tony – haven’t met you in person yet, but we probably crossed paths at some point at PTS (finished my MDiv in 2004, studied primarily with Guder). I would love to grab coffee while you’re in the DC area. Let me know if my husband and I (probably with a very new-born in tow!)can meet you somewhere. my email is bhoang@ijm.org

  • Annie Bullock

    hey, i’m from spokane! if I lived there, I’d show up and shake your hand or something. unfortunately, it’s a long way from spokane to atlanta.