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The Publishers Weekly Review is an important moment in the life of a book. Just yesterday, PW released their review of The New Christians.

The New Christians: Dispatches From the Emergent Frontier
Tony Jones. Jossey-Bass, $22.95 (256p) ISBN 978-0-7879-9471-6

Jones (The Sacred Way) provides the single best introduction to the Emergent Church movement, of which he is a prominent leader. The mainline denominations are dying and the hyper-individualism of evangelicalism is unsatisfying, so many young evangelicals, Jones explains, have decided to recreate church for post-modern times. Jones credits Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christian with raising important questions about sounding the Gospel in an era beset by questions about foundationalism, epistemology, and how to read Scripture. He passionately defends the emergent movement from criticism. In particular, critics are wrong to claim that emergents don’t really believe in the Bible; emergents passionately love the Bible, says Jones, but also know that finite human beings cannot definitively articulate truth. The strongest sections put flesh on these theoretical bones by taking readers into actual emergent churches, like Jacob’s Well in Kansas City, Mo., where the pastor draws on Catholic practice, engages the visual arts, and sees the church’s job as assisting people on their “pilgrimage” of faith. Jones’s writing is brisk and conversational, but the book gets poor marks for design. Call-out boxes, pull quotes, and frequent font changes, which might be thought to appeal to a younger audience, in fact make for distracting and disjointed reading. (Mar.)

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  • looks like a promising review! 🙂

  • Congrats. If all the negative critique you get is on formatting, then you probably have a winner.

  • Len

    Looking forward to reading it.

  • Tony…congratulations on this milestone. I look forward to reading your book.

  • Sam

    Congratulations Tony! Obviously they were compelled by the content and stories. This is an important book and it looks to be coming out at the same time as other important books. Hopefully adding to a multi-faceted conversation for 2008. The supposed year of the “emergent church’s” fading?

    Don’t freeze in MN and I hope you come to So Cal soon.

  • I am very excited to read it. I know that it is going to raise eyebrows, and once again, a youth pastor from Edina is going to be the heading to many a blog post. Hope you’re having a great 2008. Be prepared to receive a support letter from me (wink, wink).