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You may remember the book, Post-Rapture Radio: Lost Writings from the Failed Revolution at the End of the Last Century by Russell Rathbun.  About that book, I wrote one of my best endorsements (some of us take great pride in our endorsements):

“Once in a while a book reaches out from the page, grabs me by the scruff of the neck, and says something so pithy, so smart, and irreverently funny that I almost bust a gut laughing. That’s what Post-Rapture Radio did to me on several occasions. The fact is, sometimes satire is the best way for us to see our own foibles, and this book is a wonderful antidote to much that ails the church. It’s A Confederacy of Dunces for Christians.”

Well, after quietly subverting the people of St. Paul, Minnesota, for a few years, Russell and Lamblove are back. Russell has begun posting more lost fragments from an uncompleted how-to book on preaching by Lamblove (which you can compare to the advice proferred here). And breaking news out of Jossey-Bass: The book will be out as a paperback this Spring. Indeed Russell (and maybe Lamblove’s ghost) may be joining a rumored book tour this summer as well.

So, check it out!

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  • this is genius:

    Nothing is sadder than to see a beautiful congregation of fifty member that has been around for a hundred years in a small town in rural Iowa turn them selves inside out chop up their organ, spend what little money they have on technology (cordless mic.s and keyboards are favorite starters, then on to the projector and the power point) all because one of the board members attended a Willow Creek training and bought the “How To” book at the sales table on the way out.
    The church ends up having to watch kindly Mr. Sundquist fumble with the sound system, able to get from it only ear piercing feed back, while the forty nine year old volunteer youth director tries to rap.

  • Yes, that was a stellar endorsement. It still burns in my soul– my first exposure to The Writing of Tony Jones.

    And if Russell joins that fabled book tour, well I just might show up. I’ll be the one in the mini van.