I've Blogged about Jack Caputo's Book…

…over at the Church and Pomo site.  Actually, it’s only about the fifth chapter.  And it’s not really a blog.  It’s a slog.

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    1) Caputo’s WWJDeconstruct has many valuable aspects to it. However, his views of Scripture should cause concern among those who take the bible as the Word of God..a reliable source of authority.

    2) The Bible is pretty clear on homosexual practice…it condemns it. Notice: I did not say it condemns homosexuals.

    3) He is entitled to his political views concerning George Bush. However, I did not purchase WWJD to hear his political opinions of Bush.

    4) I suggest he read NT Wright and/or Nicholas Perrin. How can Caputo deconstruct Jesus when he questions the historical reliability and legitimacy of the very documents that tell us about Jesus?

    I think those who call themselves Christians need to relax a bit when it comes to the new fascination with the Emergent Church, PM, Deconstruction..etc. Movements come and go. Thankfully the Christian tradition is rich enough to discern good from bad in all such movements. For a fair assessment of the postmodern movement I suggest the book “Truth is Stranger than it Used to Be” by Richard Middleton and Brian Walsh.