What an interesting night last night.  Doug called on the way to the DFL caucus to say that the line of cars stretched from the middle school a half-mile to the highway and onto the highway for a quarter mile.  In MN, the caucuses are only open for voting for 90 minutes — from 6:30-8pm — and if you’re not in line by 8, you’re SOL.  Well, I took some back roads with no traffic, and it’s really no trouble finding a place to park a Mini.

The ballots were gone, so I cast my ballot on a ripped sheet of notebook paper.  And when we left, at 7:50, traffic was still backed up over a quarter mile.

Obama overwhelmingly won Minnesota.  Here are the results from my congressional district:

They got home at 7:35, and Lily and I jumped in the car
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

United States President
Candidate Totals Pct Graph
Joe Biden 1 0.02%
Hillary Clinton 1661 33.68%
Chris Dodd 0 0.00%
John Edwards 29 0.59%
Dennis Kucinich 3 0.06%
Frank Lynch 0 0.00%
Barack Obama 3213 65.15%
Bill Richardson 3 0.06%
Uncommitted 22 0.45%

And in my precinct, it was Obama 118 – Clinton 54.

Nationwide, I think it showed a few things: the Dobson/Limbaugh/Hannity coalition has almost no gas in the tanks.  The Obama momentum is continuing.  And Huckabee’s populism resonates with at least some voters.

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  • Korey

    It looks like Obama will have won more delegates both before and after Super Tuesday once the delegate counting from yesterday is complete (unfortunately the news releases are a little misleading stating she’s won the most delegates or is ahead in the delegate count without clarifying the counting is still in process or without factoring out superdelegates).

    His showing was unlikely from the polling just weeks ago. So it’s really astounding in my judgment, particularly his wins in Missouri, Connecticut, Delaware, New Mexico (hopefully), and throughout the West by 2-1 margins. Going in to the upcoming contests his prospects appear strong. It’s as if they start anew with the chance for Obama to focus on getting out the vote and advancing his candidacy in a more thorough fashion given that there are no more nation wide events.

  • good to see biden got a vote.

  • Although I would not vote Huckabee, from my experience living in Arkansas while he was governor, he did a good job. He cares about the poor and the health of children more overtly than any other Republican and doesn’t come with layers of political sleeze or baggage. He is not afraid to raise taxes if there is good cause for it, but he’s not a crazy taxoholic either.

    But then again, Obama is awesome.

  • It is clear that we are seeing a re-defining of what conservativism and liberalism really mean on the political spectrum. G.W.’s politics have truly disrupted those categories and that might be the only good outcome of his presidency.

  • Tony Jones drives a Mini, eh? Interesting …


  • Nick

    Huckabee voters killed any chances for a strong conservative Republican candidate, splitting the more conservative vote between him Romney. Huckabee needs to realize this, drop out, and strongly support Romney if he genuinely cares about furthering conservativism. McCain cannot beat Obama nor is he consistently conservative.