TNC Arrived!

Yesterday, by overnight mail, the first copy of The New Christians arrived, thoughtfully giftwrapped and with a note from the team at Jossey-Bass who worked on it. It’s beautiful! It came off the presses about a week early, and it will start shipping to bookstores later this week and early next week.

Woooo Hoooo!

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  • Dan

    I’ll keep my eye out for it at the local LifeWay! 😉

  • Mike L.


  • Brett

    Hey Tony,

    Congrats man! I can’t wait to purchase it :)

  • carla jo

    That’s fantastic Tony. Congratulations!

  • chrissi wright

    Hey Tony! Its Chrissi Wright. My husband is the pastor at Oasis in Bend, OR and we really enjoyed visiting with you at Backporch (grandest of all coffee shops) last summer/spring. I’m excited to check out the new book, man. Congratulations!

  • me

    Congratulations Tony.

  • Sam

    Excellent! Congratualtions Tony. I will be putting this book in quite a few hands. Thanks for writing such a clear articulation of the emergent frontier.

  • zach

    sweet deal tony. congrats!

  • marko

    rock on, bro!

  • Matthew McNutt

    Awesome! I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy!

  • Chadwick

    congrats tony, i can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Pastorboy

    I have my comment on the last review.
    I am disappointed-with the platform you have you could have done so much more for the Lord.

  • Jonathan

    i’d like to add my congrats. i got to read a few chapters hear and there already. i look forward to having time to read it in between semesters. i’m happy for you man.

  • brett

    probably proof that you NEED the message pastorboy…

    Tony I congadulate you! I love the book!

  • Pastorboy

    What message, Brett?

    The only important message is the Good News of Salvation by faith alone, through Christ alone.

  • brett


  • Earl

    all arguments aside, congrats.

  • Pastorboy

    Brett, you were not Tony’s proofreader I hope….

    Again, Tony is a fine writer. I ask this question in response to him at my blog: When does the conversation finally come to a point where the Gospel is presented?

    How are they going to know without a preacher?

    The good news encompasses our whole lives! We DO need to live it, but we also need to proclaim it with words. This is more important than any conversation.

  • Charlie

    Your jealousy really is shining through, Congrats Dude! You have come a long way. JOPA!

  • Pat Hannon


    Where should we by the book that we be most beneficial to you?

    Is there somewhere that would put more $ in your pocket or that would help to boost the visibility of the book?

  • Pastorboy

    My jealousy?

    No, I would say contempt, but that is too strong a word. Still no one can answer where the conversation points to and ends in Christ- where the word Christian- not Xian comes from.

    I guess the use of the letter X is a variable from which you can glean any truth you want and call it Christian. Or perhaps the letter X is what you have deconstructed the name of Christ down to. Whatever it is, it is sad that this book details what I fear are the New ‘Christians’- those who say they are followers but are unwilling to obey the last commandment of Christ- the Great Commission.

  • D. Andrew Fetters

    Tony, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your book is a God send to my congregation. We have begun wrestling with this emergent thing but as best as any of us can tell we resonate with that identity you so wonderfully describe, emergent. Asian American young english speaking congregation in NYC with Chinese Lutheran Church affiliation attempting to discover its place within the denomination, culture, and identity as passionate Christians. It is great to be part of the conversation!!!!

  • Cody

    Picked it up at B&N the other day and already half-way in. I am finding it to be a welcome and needed addition to the conversation! Thank you Tony! Peace and blessings to you!