This morning, on the elliptical, I watched a bit of the season-opening game between the Red Sox and the A’s, live from Japan (only when Morning Joe was on commercial break).  And it got me to thinking: baseball, it is said, is all about streaks.  The way to make it to the playoffs and to win the Series is to streak at the right time and slump at the right time.  You’re not going to win the Series if you slump in September or even August.  Best to be hot out of the gates, cool off in late June, after you’ve already got a lead, then have a mini-slump in early August.

Same goes in hockey: The team with the hot goaltender usually wins.

So, Obama had a rough week last week.  I think it’s about the best time for him to have a slump.  Two months ago, and Hillary’d have the lead right now.  Two months from now, and we’ll in convention season.  He’s got an insurmountable lead that, barring a major scandal, Hillary cannot overcome.  And he couldn’t possibly stay as super-hot as he was in January and February.  So, I welcome his slump and his two-day vacation.  He’ll starting hitting the ball hard again, and he’ll get hot at just the right moment.  That’s my guess.

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  • I like the way you think, Mr. Jones.

  • if only politics and baseball equated. you could well be right, but the pressure will only get more intense from here on out. he is not the messiah that so many think he is and that will only make his faults more glaring. his slump is not about what he is doing now, but about who is and what he has done.

  • I am not sure it’s a slump yet. We will see what we can do for him in PA. I think he has to take PA to win it and seal the deal.

    He is not a messiah, but as I have told others, he just seems smarter than the other options. I used to like McCain until he began his tour of Bush administration suck-up. I don’t acre about his Iran/Iraq/Al Quaeda moment of senility – we all have those even when young. But his judgment seems off to continue the propaganda that we are succeeding in Iraq without telling anyone what the measure of success is. 57 dead in the so-called “green-zone” does not seem to be a very good score in any measure of success.

    That is a failure because Bush’s hypothesis was that after Saddam Hussein is deposed, the people will create order out of chaos in the region in a short amount of time. That never happened and will not happen and that is why the conflict is a failure and why McCain’s lack of respect for that failure is enough to question his judgment on a level more fundamental than Hillary’s absurd campaign about experience.

  • I wish people would talk more about Hillary’s 5% chance of winning rather than Obama somehow being in trouble.

    Maybe that’s just me though. 😉

  • I think Obama is toast.

    Anyone who knows the biblical role of Pastor, and their importance and influence over their sheep knows the tremendous impact a pastor should have.

    Anyone who is capable of not being fed by their pastor in twenty years is someone who’s faith is not really important to them.

    You call this a slump. Shameful. I think he is ruined.

    Even if it falls on Judgement.


  • Tony,

    Now that you’ve officially mentioned Hockey on your blog I can more wholeheartedly embrace your call for radical contextualization.

    Now speaking of context, my beloved Vancouver Canucks must {and will :)] beat out their “wild” Minnesota rivals in winning the NHL’s Northwest Division.

    By the way, speaking of context, since when was Minnesota anything close to “northwest”? Maybe from Africa but somehow I think that misses the point.

  • Wow Marcus you sound really self righteous. 🙂

  • indeed, marcus. honestly, my jaw dropped…

    on the topic, i don’t really see how obama needs to do anything.. it seems that hilary is content to “misspoke” her way back to New York. ducking from the sniper fire all the way 😛

  • So, I guess Obama is above all reproach despite his white-hating Pastor who he didn’t distance himself from….

    Oh yeah, I read the de/renounce post, so I understand. You don’t believe that he has to do that….

    Either way, McCain must win or the unborn will be murdered in record numbers, there will be a power vacumn and civil war in Iraq, and our economy will go further to pot. I guess I am happy, because the kingdom will now come sooner.

  • Wow Pastorboy you have an unhealthy preoccupation with Mr. Jones. Your blog is scary.

  • I will also say that your entire blog is nothing but criticism and pompous diatribe. You come off as a religious bigot and I can’t for one second take anything you say seriously because while your doctrine might be right, your delivery is all about you and how awesome you are and how much others suck. Congrats on your pride issues.

  • I don;t know about you but I don;t like how these emergent folk are being so Political. I thought a problem with the religious right was they talked about politics to much…

    yummm, the smell of hypocrisy.

  • yikes!

    i have trouble with white Christians not being able to discern messages about racism correctly from racist messages. Rev. Wright was speaking truth to power. he was speaking against the princes of the powers of the air – not against whites or honkeys.

    and yes, it was too polemic to be considered positive, but those were not Obama’s words, they were his pastors.

    (btw, does anybody remember our dear Rev. Graham’s grandstanding against AIDS victims in the early eighties? nobody would dare say that he’s a horrible person, but he came from a certain context and a certain time. he’s learned better and recanted. unfortunately, some other prominent evangelical leaders haven’t.)

  • Harrrrr…there be trolls about this site maties.

  • The best thing about this post is that you were watching the Red Sox. Rock on…

  • tony, my wife is cousins with Savannah Guthrie who is Joe’s co-host. small world.

  • and i don’t think obama is toast at all. i don’t even think he needs to win pennsylvania to still win the nomination. i think hillary’s chances are alive but very small….i’d say 10%.

  • Harrrr…there be two “zachs” on this thread too.

  • This is a no Zachs thread… We’re only allowed to have ONE.

  • hey! that’s too exclusive to be emergent man! ; – )


  • Jeff S.

    This op-ed reader comment piece in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution does make you think about Wright and justice in America…

    ‘Barbie’ case shows color of justice

    When I heard that the “Barbie Bandits” would be sentenced, I thought: We will see if the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s theology has any merit. It does! When one young blond bank robber is given only probation, her sentence does not fix the crime. The scene from a Malcolm X movie keeps coming to mind. When Malcolm X and his friend and their two white female companions are in court, Malcolm X and the black friend are given hard time. The females are given probation. Look at this current case. Who is serving the hard time? I don’t understand how these two young women could commit the same crime and only one has to serve time. This is the type of justice that drives Wright to deliver messages that remind us that there are two different justice systems in this country, one for (white) well-connected folks and one for the poor (black) folks with no connections.

  • Something I have posted about lately that I am curious is not getting enough attention is the McCain/Lieberman/Hagee connection and the McCain Parsley connection.

    Why is this not more than a little alarming to people if Jeremiah Wright’s preaching is STILL such a hot topic? Parsley called for the eradication of Islam. Hagee blamed the effects of Katrina on God’s wrath. And they are all connected to McCain now. What’s up with the lack of mainstream media coverage on that?