"Emerging" vs. "Emergent" Part Deux

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  • In light of the last two posts, I am introducing a new term Emergenting lol

  • Charlie

    Leave it to Dr. Seuss to put the fine point on things. Well done, good doctor, well done.

  • Great post Tony πŸ™‚

  • Kathy

    So my question is: Who is the guy with the machine in this emerging/emergent conversation?

  • We are first human.

    This is more of a critique of consumerism than anything.

  • Isaac Bubna


    I think the guy(s) with the machine in this emerging/emergent conversation are the book publishers.

    – Isaac

  • 1. I think I agree with Isaac.

    2. I get your point. The continuous effort to categorize ourselves is pointless and ultimately destructive. But my question is this: if categorization is counterproductive, why call yourself emergent/emerging at all?

    Personally, I can relate to so much of what people who categorize themselves as emergent/emerging are saying and doing, but I think it would be much more constructive to simply say and do these things in a context in which we most elementally describe ourselves as worshiping God as followers of the Way.

  • Isacc that is really funny.
    Tony this is a really funny post. i like it sir

  • yes!!! i love the sneetches. seuss is so rich and layered. i’d really like to see more done with him in theology.

  • As for definitions/categories of emergent, what we are getting at is the basic human longing for identity. Identity is formed in relationship to an Other. The breakdown is when our identity is discovered and we use it to leverage judgment and power over an “Other.” (Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, etc.)

    There are two kinds of “othering.” Othering as a will to power, and othering as journey to self-understanding in community.

    If our terms are an effort at self-understanding in community, then we are using them in a helpful way. If they are being used to categorize us and them for the sake of self-preservation/perpetuation, then we continue the very modern form of social control that most emergents resent.

  • “abdominal stars are abominable.”

    After viewing this illustration, I finally understand how one is made an Emergent πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the reminder that Dr. Seuss is a more effective communicator than most of us.

    Great post, Tony.

  • Casey McCollum

    Hey, any Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ/Christian Churches (Restoration Movement) readers here? Email me: cmccollum@carechurch.org

    Oh, Brilliant post Tony…

  • Perfect.

  • hobbs

    in the realm of Dr Seuss theology and from the same book as the Sneetches, The Zax also has many lessons for the church in the 21st c

    “The Zax” is a lesson about the importance of compromise. In the story a North-going Zax and a South-going Zax meet face to face in the Prairie of Prax.

    Because they refuse to move east, west, or any direction except their respective headings, the two Zax become stuck, as they refuse to move around each other. The Zax stand so long that eventually a highway overpass is built around them, and the story ends with the Zax still standing there with the world going by.