The New Christians, Webisode One

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  • Well done webisode. Really puts flesh on the bones of who/what makes up this thing we call emergent.

  • super fantastic! a big thankyou to frank for sharing his story so boldly with all of us. thankyou!

  • It was nice to start my workday with watching this. I feel motivated to keep heading in the direction I am going when I encounter stories like this. I am thankful for Frank and his story.

  • great job Tony! i look forward to seeing more of these…

  • I thought it was right on. Dude he is living the faith not just punching the clock.

  • fantastic, tony!

  • wow! That was great! I love the community

  • unbelievable! i grew up 15 miles from maysville, mo. i used to go there and to fairport to chase girls. a small world.
    also interesting: trucker frank. after 30 + years with the united methodist church, i find myself persona non grata, and have to start looking for another way to support my family. i think i understand frank’s disillusion with the organized church.
    since i live in the greater kcmo area, maybe i’ll go to jacob’s well.
    grace and peace

  • i just love the rawness of the trucker.

    frank has some great lines: yeah I had marriage problems. how many of the same sermons can you preach?

    as i watched tony interact with the trucker, my brain kept saying: that is church. there does not need to be a pulpit, but what is happening in the semi is church.

    thanks tony. the webisode was fascinating and engaging, however it looked very cool.

  • Charlie


    Great first episode! Just as a matter of interest, where did you find a guy like Trucker Frank? He doesn’t seem like a guy who’s out to be discovered. He stikes me as a guy really living out this whole conversation.

  • Tony Arens

    Nice job TJ! Very well done and great insights. I think it’s time you trade in the iPhone for 40 channels of pure citizens band!

  • Awesome!

    Trucker Frank is a character that you would expect to find in a movie. A deep wisdom, and walk with God from a place where most would not expect to find it.

    Looking forward to episode 2…

  • Rick

    Thanks for this wonderful piece! I have lost a ministry job working with students for what I feel were all the wrong reasons, I didn’t play nice. But it was something that is still tearing me up inside. My current occupation seems to fill a need more for the group I am working for then for me. I worry about the same things that Trucker Frank worried about. I love the people, the church, but I felt limited. “Just keep it nice and simple and don’t challenge me.” It sounded like they wanted to keep Jesus in the building. Today I worry about finances and the strain this all places on a family. The current job pays a lot less, stupid nonprofits! I have the class A license maybe I should become a trucker, nah!

    But as I think through Frank’s story I do not lose hope or faith, rather I take it out of the church building and place it back into the hearts of people I come into contact with. I think that is what Jesus did!

    Blessings to you Frank!

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  • JdO

    The video was nicely done but I’m not sure I get it. Are you saying new Christians don’t need to be part of a church body? Are you serious that this guy is one of the best examples of a new christian that you have found?
    I didn’t hear Him talk about any depth of relationship with God. I didn’t hear him say how he had to pick up his cross daily. I didn’t hear him say he even prayed. I didn’t hear him talk about God’s Word, the Bible…or is that “old Christianity?”

    I’m just not understanding this whole “emerging church” thing.

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  • Trucker Frank

    To JdO #16
    It is so easy to slip into the performance based relationship with the Father,believe me I know. I wasted years as the older son in the parable basing my relationship with Father on what I did and how often I did it:”Look,these many years I have served you,and I never disobeyed your command,yet……”Luke 15:29. What joy to hear the words of the Father to the younger son:”It is fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this brother was dead,and is alive;he was lost, and is found.” 15:32. Yes perhaps I was the best example that Tony could find,because this is what being emergent is all about. Might I suggest for further contemplation Brennan Manning’s “Abbba’s Child” especially chapter 2 “The Imposter”.
    Trucker Frank(one embraced by Father)

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  • Michael Hatcher

    Trucker Frank, when did hell become “eternal sleep?!” Is that what you believe?

  • Frank Schutzwohl

    Michael Hatcher,
    Hell isnt eternal sleep,but I was so confused at the time that was what I was hoping it would be. That time was truly a dark night of the soul in my life. All the “answers” I had learned in church and bible college meant nothing to me. I hope you never have to go through it but I can honestly say Christ was there all the time even though I didnt think He was.
    Trucker Frank

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  • Dear Tony,

    I’m doing a talk on the emergent church this Sunday and am looking for some video to incorporate into my presentation. Is there any way I can get the quicktime files for any of this great stuff?


    Bret, San Antonio, TX

  • Tony –

    Great job with the piece… reminds me of some of the stuff my brother Brad and I explore in Rebellion of Thought: postmodernism, the church, and the struggle for authentic faith. Have you seen it yet?

    Here’s a link to the trailer…

    You can get it on Netflix or or you can purchase it at all the major online stores.