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First Base: Collin Hansen and I have begun a dialog on our two books and two movement (if you don’t know, Collin is part of the “young, restless, Reformed” crowd).

Second Base: Scot has a guest blogger?  Yes!  RJS is blogging through Tim Keller’s book.

Third Base: Jenell Paris inveighs on gender in emergent.

Home Plate: The Democratic race thus far, in 7 minutes.

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  • Hey Tony, just read about the CT articles at Jenell’s blog and wondered if you could post all of the links as I don’t want to miss that 3rd installment.

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  • Josh Carney


    could not agree more with your conclusions about epistemology and the reformed tradition. Anticipating an objection though what might you say the the critic who asks how you can be “committed to God’s sovereignty…etc” on the one hand, and “offering more ambiguous answers,” on the other.

    in other words what does it mean for us NC to be committed and ambiguous.

    PS i wish the chapter you published on the HM would have made it into TNC. A conversation that is becoming hotter by the day around here is, “is there an alternative model to Claiborne (to grossly shove everyone into one model) that can still viably be Christian.”

    appreciating your work
    josh carney

  • That’s quite the snarky video there on politics. My favorite parts where the lost music at the beginning, the ding when people smile, and the 24 backdrop at the end.

    Maybe because those were the parts I understood.