On the Road with Trucker Frank – Episode 6

Here’s the final episode!

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  • Gary Manders

    Trucker Frank should have his own blog! These were a great set of video’s.

  • David

    Enjoyed every episode. Thanks, Tony. Thanks to Frank too.

  • Very interesting – thanks T.

  • Greg

    A Trucker Frank blog would be awesome!!!

  • Great video. Just what I needed to hear today.

  • “A Trucker Frank blog would be awesome!!!,” or maybe at least the occasional Trucker Frank Tweet.

  • I really enjoyed the set of videos. I was wondering how long of a timespan they were shot over. Thanks Tony.

  • Frank Schutzwohl

    Trucker Frank blog?
    I’m still learning to use a cb radio! I’m so new to the computer age I’ll have to think about that one. Andy, most of the footage was shot over a 2 day period from Minnesota to Missouri. The rest was shot later. The snow on the ground shows what was shot earlier.
    Trucker Frank

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  • Thanks for a great series Tony, and a thanks to you also trucker Frank for sharing you life and insights,let me know if your truck brings you to Sweden (and let me know if you are on it Tony). I am also currently reading your new book!