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  • Come to Ireland again! Bring your friends! The roadshow looks absolutely brilliant. Hope you’re loving every moment and that your back’s holding up ok!
    All the best

  • Nigel

    My friend encouraged me to write and share that I had a similar experience with the ol ‘write a letter to yourself’ youth pastor trick. my senior year of high school i had attended a Chrysalis flight and they asked us at the end to write something to remind of us the spiritual high we had that weekend so we could recall it in the future should we plummit to the depths as the statistics accurately predict. So I wrote my letter and gave it to the pastor.

    A year later I found myself well into my freshman year at Huntington College (now Huntington University) when I recieved a letter written strangely in my handwriting. I opened up my letter and it read something like, “Dear Nigel, Had you put twenty dollars in this envelope, you’d have twenty dollars right now.” Love, Yourself.

    Smart @$$. I was in college- I could have used twenty bucks. . .

    Thanks for the roadshow and all the energy you guys put into it! We had a blast and are truly thankful that the teaching gifts you possess are being used.