My Palin Quote?

Eric Gorski of the AP and I had a fun conversation about Palin and evangelical politics last week.  He wrote a good piece on younger evangelicals and their response to the Palin pick.  Doug and I each get quoted near the end.

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  • Nowaytess

    Guess my biggest fear is coming to fruition about the Emergent Movement. If you are a Repubiclian with who is Conservative, I fear as those who are Rabid on the right are here but just on the Left.

    My hope was at least maybe a Place where Christians could just get along and work together no matter what their Political affiliation.

    I was not going to vote at all this election until Sarah Palin came along. The last quote of the article is correct, her appeal is not her Christian Evangelism but fact she can relate to every day woman who gets up, works, raises children and she is an everyday person. I know though the younger women at work she is a big hit for this reason for many of the younger women I work with are “unchurched.” in the 20-40’s.

    I don’t like Obama and feel the Media is giving him a free pass on the tougher issues. Since the Media is not asking the tougher question to both Obama his wife, I know it is going to backfire Election Day. More the media fire at Palin the more the backlash is going to be.

    I have reservation on how he would get his agenda accomplished. I live over in Poland in 1985 and 1988 I don’t want a country where the Government supplies but there was no incentive to succeed, invent or progress.

    I was a Democrat for most of my life when I live Massachusetts but saw the destruction of the neighborhood where I lived with welfare system that does not encourage you to ever get off. I was on disability for 20 years.

    I also saw the same Democrats who they are for the little Man redistrict the Ghetto. How? But passing law in local communities to no longer accept new Section 8 vouchers and give out a lot of subsidized housing in one city before I left in 1998. In fact it was heavily advertised even on bill boards to come down and get your section 8.

    Since I was on SSI and made a choice to leave. I moved to Florida, found a doctor who did not see me as unending stream in his income for Medicare/ Medicaid but help me to the point I was able to return to work. Much it was help though alternative medicine, sadly I have to not speak about when I go to a “Conservative Church” for it is seen as demonic.

    I am to the point right now where I feel the Church is now just one big machine for Politics whether it is for the Right or For the Left.

    I am a Republican who cares about the environment, getting health care for everyone in the USA, affordable jobs and housing.

    I am bill collector and know root cause of bankruptcy and financial troubles for I seen it for 8 years. The Number one issue for me is Health Care for everyone. 55% of all bankruptcies and delinquencies filed are due medicals bills. My biggest fear in USA is the fact I could have another life threatening illness (I have a chronic one which I treat now) and wiped out due to medical debt.

    I thought long and hard but don’t want a system like Canada but my ideas could provided that care without make it 100% government controlled.

    I disagree with the Right on abortion for you can make it illegal but unless you get to the root cause of why a woman turns to get an abortion.

    You don’t rid of abortion my making it illegal. Drugs are illegal but very profitable, so it prostitution. Unless you get rid of the customer base, someone will always set up shop.

    It is my prayer you don’t alienate people like me who like the Emergent Movement but can have room to disagree. I don’t think I will ever go back to Conservative Style Church but I still believe in the traditional values which Biblical.

  • Len

    Thought your words were mostly “fair & balanced”. I wish the people in Doug’s circle would focus not on “abortion politics” but the “least of these” that unborn children truly are.

    It seems that a fair number of Christians who support the Democrats have taken a “it won’t change, so why focus on it when there are other big issues to worry about?” regarding abortion.

    It was a good move on McCain’s part to do something towards the conservative base of the GOP. Independents don’t get elected. Unless you’re Jesse “The Body” Ventura in MN.

    Ultimately, either one will merely break the promises or hopes they gave during the election.