Laughing Till It Hurt

That was my experience last night at Nadia Bolz-Weber’s book reading.  Nadia is an inked, sarcastic, in-recovery, former stand-up comedienne, emergent, Lutheran church planter from Denver.  Her first book, about watching 24 straight hours of TBN is a mostly sardonic and occasionally sentimental narrative through Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Team Impact (read that chapter here), and both Nadia’s and my favorite TBN preacher, Jesse Duplantis.

Nadia sells herself short when she says, as she did last night, that she’s not a writer but a preacher with a keyboard.  In fact, her writing is crisp, hip, and witty.  It reminds me of Russell Rathbun’s amazingly funny book, which I called the Christian Confederacy of Dunces in my blurb.  In fact, Russell sat next to me at the the reading last night.

Anyway, Nadia is a gifted writer.  But I’ll say that her experience as a stand-up greatly benefits her at a book reading.  The room was filled with laughter over and over again as she read to us from a few chapters of the book.  What I thought was interesting was the room was filled with some pretty leftward-leaning Christians, whom it was clear had never watched a minute of TBN.  In fact, most of them were unfamiliar with most of the names in the book.  Russell and I, however, were in the know because we, like Nadia, understand that TBN is like crack — instantly addictive.

Actually, that applies to Nadia’s book, too.  It is instantly addictive, especially if you’ve ever whiled away the hours watching Paul and Jan, the Power Team, or anything else on TBN.

Bottom Line: BUY THIS BOOK: Salvation on the Small Screen: 24 Hours of Christian Television

Join the book’s Facebook group here.

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  • I ordered that book. Hope it was worth it, not just shameless friend-plugging! (Not that I’d ever be above that… Just sayin’… )

  • Jesse is also my favorite tv preacher. Well..I dont really like any of them…but he is sure entertaining. I keep thinking to myself…”he did not just say that..”

  • I know Jesse personally, he’s really the neatest guy. I’m looking forward to Nadia’s signing in Denver.

    I will say Tony that TBN hits a bit too close to home for me for it to be addictive…it makes me very uncomfortable…but probably because I know some of those folks personally.

    the book is definitely worth it.

  • Nowaytess

    I see TBN at the beggining had a Purpose, now it destroyed a lot of Christian. TBN is a great Money Making machine now Mockey of the Christian Faith, not TBN’s Origianl purpose.

    Sadly I have a friend who into Kim Clement of “Secrets.” He former Hollywood person who charges 1,000 to go though his “Secret room”

    Sad as the Chrsitian Right Hijacked I pray the Christian Lef tdon’a fall inot the same mistake as the Right. Just as the Right got too involved on Politics, when the Conservate Republicain turn on them?

    Just think those who are on the Left, when your LiberalDemcrats get power with help from Chruch on the via left, I know Liberal hate Reigion and use it as a tool to their end until it fulfils it purpose.

    Same happened in Osrael when she lusted after power left God and her Political lovers turned against her. The Bible calls this harlotry!

    Why is the Christian Church Left and Right? Are we not just the Chruch?

    I just don’t see when we meet Jesus, he is going ot have aclip coard and ask us if the we Left or the Right Rebulican or Democrat. In Heaven the Left and Right are just going to have to get along.

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