An Historic Day

I awoke early today, as I often do.  About 4:30am.  I had hoped to sleep longer since this is a tough stretch of travel for me.  I spoke at the National Youth Workers Convention this weekend — after 10 years of giving seminars at this event, I was given the opportunity to speak in front of all 2,000 registrants at the Sunday evening general session.  Doug, Mark, and I attempted a reprise of the Church Basement Roadshow, and, um, well, it didn’t really work.  In fact, it was pretty much a trainwreck.  Without the context of the whole show, the irony was completely lost on the crowd.  Bottom line: we bombed.

The other half of my general session, in which I told my story of faith and theology, went better, I think.  I also gave a couple seminars and got to hang out with friends.  It was, all in all, a great time with little sleep.  I’m home a couple days — long enough to vote and to spend a day buying furniture at IKEA — then I’m off to Greenwich, CT, to speak at Trinity Church, which will include time with two of my favorite persons: Ian Cron and Pete Rollins.

But, of course, today’s election takes precendence.  Yesterday, in a last ditch effort to sway a voter or two, I went on Way of the Master Radio, described by someone on my Facebook page as an even more sarcastic, Christian Rush Limbaugh.  We spoke about abortion, and I was asked to defend how a pro-life Christian (which I am not, at least by the usual definition) can vote for Obama.  I found both Todd, the host, and Scott, my opponent, to be gracious — at least while I was on the air.  The last 15-minute segment got cut, which is too bad, but you can listen to the podcast starting about halfway in here.

Photo Credit: Adam Berry/Bloomberg News

So, now today begins.  I am convinced that the day will end with a landslide win by Obama.  The real question, it seems to me, is whether the Democrats will reach 60 in the Senate.  I won’t be helping on that account, since I’ll be voting for Independence Party candidate, Dean Barkley.

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  • Val Harle

    The reprise of the Church Basement Show was a little strangely received but my friends and I were in the back loving it up (so it didn’t TOTALLY bomb). Thanks for all your work this weekend and the continued diplomacy for the emergence. Grace and Peace.
    P.S. You get major respect points for being willing to address the Way of the Master crew, they can be a bit vicious.

  • You were asked how a pro-life Christian could be supporting Obama?
    Can you explain how anyone can support him, because I’ll admit I just don’t get it.

  • Paul Berry

    Starbucks is giving away a cup of coffee to anyone who says they voted. Coworker John wondered if saying you voted for Obama would get a latte. Thanks for shedding light on that mystery.
    I’m heading to the polls after work. As a swing voter in a swing state, I’m looking forward to this end of this playground brawl.

  • Tony,
    I listened to your debate on Way of the Master radio yesterday. While I may not agree with you on every issue, I was impressed with your willingness to go into a definitely unfriendly to Emergent area.
    Was this your first experience with Way of the Master? What is your take on their evangelistic approach?
    Grace and peace,

  • Tyler Domske

    As one of the aforementioned friends in Val’s comment, I have concur that we were indeed loving it. It was rather the inverse to the MercyMe concert the previous night when we were the only three who didn’t “get it.” The overall group at the convention seemed to be relatively low in irony receptors.
    Thanks again for your talks this weekend at the conference. I always appreciate your perspective, your humor, and your willingness to “bomb” every now and then.

  • Tony wrote:
    “…I was asked to defend how a pro-life Christian (which I am not, at least by the usual definition) can vote for Obama.”
    Ben Witherington made an excellent post about this, IMO:
    Witherington says, ”DO NOT BE A ONE ISSUE VOTER– However passionate you may be about a particular issue, lets say abortion, you should never, never vote for someone simply on the basis of a single ethical issue. Never. Did, I mention not ever. Why not?”
    If you want to find out why, you’ll just have to read it. 🙂
    Oh, and as a non-American, I’m glad Obama won. Ecstatic, even. In fact, 87% of the world is glad Obama won.

  • Tony, like I told you after the NYWC General Session, as a recovering Pentecostal I thought that what you guys did for the Church Basement Road Show was funny. It went a little long, which was the main problem. Your talk was great! I look forward to hearing more from you and to reading your book, which I still need to get….
    Keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

  • Abortion is child sacrifice…period. Sacrificing the unborn life for the mother’s happiness, sanity, vanity, selfishness, fear, prosperity etc. We should never terminate unborn life willingly. If, in the process of trying to save the mother (if it truly was for her health – though 99.9% of the time it is NOT) the child is lost, so be it. This leaves it in God’s hands, where life should be.____Shame on anyone who claims the Name of Jesus Christ yet can be OK with abortion. I don’t believe when Christ said, “Do not keep the children from coming unto Me,” that He meant from the womb to the tomb. Where is the outrage? Where is the compassion for the most vulnerable of human life?____Voting for Obama is tantamount to taking the mark of the beast – if you voted for Obama you have chosen Death over Life, which was the [b]ONLY[/b] issue of importance in this election.____If you concern yourself with the price of Gas or the stock-market, you must not take seriously what Christ said regarding ‘worry’ and where to look for your provision.____By the way Jonathan Logan – the world will also welcome Antichrist with the same enthusiasm is it has Barack Obama.

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