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  • darrell a. harris

    even the hardest core right-winger has gotta feel good about that!

  • Unless of course you are gay in California, Arizona, or Florida!

  • Unless of course you are the unborn.

  • Ah, the perfecting of our union. Gotta love it.
    And what a vote (by way of example I mean) for democracy around the world. Our nation lost its way for some time. But this shows that when we hold to the ideals of democracy, as opposed to the parties that exist within it, we can and do learn from our mistakes. Even to the point that we can largely reinvent ourselves as need arises.
    America is admirable again in the eyes of the world. And not because we’re perfect – far from it. But because when we screw up we have the capacity for reform.

  • amen. And with respect and sensitivity to all of us who are disappointed with a still-imperfect Union, take heart: history moves forward cyclically, and this moment plants seeds of hope for future generations of Americans.