Same Sex Marriage: Taking the Offline Online

Like a lot of Christians, I’ve been thinking about, praying about, and talking to others about my response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  Beginning next week, I’ll be entering into a Beliefnet blogoalogue about same sex marriage with Rod Dreher, the “Crunchy Con.”  Over this weekend, I’ll make several short posts on my own thoughts and emotions as the blogalogue approaches…

I have some trepidation about taking these offline conversations online.  But I know that it will be fruitful to do so.

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  • This blogalogue (is that actually a word ?) will surely be worth tracking. I am hopeful there will be space for voices of faithful gay & lesbian people in this “discussion” – it is long past time for any of us to talk in the place of someone else who is also God’s beloved creature.
    Could you & Rod – maybe in your spare time – also discuss how to fix the Cowboys ? Jerry Jones is sorely in need of a proposition banning him from further free agents – maybe even an intervention from you two.

  • Naomi J. Schwenke

    Finally! The conversation moves above ground. The irony in your title legitimizes the silent struggle our brothers and sisters have experienced for many years. Our friends who identify as attracted to the same-sex have been having this conversation their entire lives, and as we have shuffled between our religious, cultural, familial, emotional, and historical contexts our silence and exclusion on this issue has caused a great deal of pain and suffering to many people.
    It seems to me engaging this conversation suggests a commitment to our connection as communal participants of the world.

  • Tony, I am happy to hear this conversation being discussed. I think it needs to be. I blogged some thoughts on this a few months ago as well. And look forward to hearing yours.

  • Look forward to it!
    I got in a lively exchange about this just recently.

  • Tony, as a queer woman who is a Christ-follower, i llok forward to your future posts on this subject. i am also curious about your discussion with Pete rollins on same-sex marriage.
    Much appreciation,

  • mar

    cool. i created a blog about it myself:

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