My Blogging Rules

I imagine that I’ve got a smattering of new readers now that I’ve moved to Bnet, so let me reiterate my blogging rules, which I first iterated at and then at

1) I do not edit my posts, ex post facto, but allow my mistakes, misjudgments, and misstatements to stand as a record of my idiocy.

2) I do not get involved in the comment section.  I read all the comments, but I don’t respond; I let the post do the talking.

3) I occasionally break rules 1 and 2.

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  • I think it’s really funny that there’s a banner ad that comes up on your blog right now for a short film called “Tony” produced by The Responsibility Project, produced by George Clooney and starring Tate Donovan (as Tony, presumably), who kind of even looks like you. Sort of. It just makes me smile.

  • sounds like God to me, except that he would blame mistakes on corrupt mss.

  • Korey

    I like your rules. Though guidelines might be more appropriate.

  • Jesse

    Rule three made me laugh dude. Good one.

  • We have rules?

  • Hi Tony,
    What are rules?
    Are they related to “original intent” meaning of words, or to my definition of what the author meant… originally?
    I hope the humor comes through.
    Art Telles
    Lift Up Jesus Only and Jesus Will Lift You Up
    See You At The Resurrection

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