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Dear New Christians Readers,

Last week we
implemented a small change to our blog commenting system – you now have to
confirm that you are  a real person, and not a spammer, by typing in a few
characters of text upon submitting your comments. This change was necessary in
order to curtail the amount of spam that many of our blogs have been receiving
in the comments area. We know that some of you have experienced problems with
the new system. We are quickly making changes to address the issues you have
reported–including extending the period before it times out, better messaging
about how to post, and instructions for how to retrieve your post if it appears

hope those changes help. Let us know if there are other changes you recommend.
Thank you for your patience.


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  • daniel

    Tony, you have finally crossed the line with this post. Is this extra-step even biblical? [grins]
    The nerve.

  • Your Name

    I’ve had problems with posts. Typed in my comments, added the text characters to verify, then it “loses” my comments, and tells me that I must enter the characters to verify. Very frustrating!

  • I would LOVE it if you were to add numbers next to each poster. THEN when we are referring to a particular poster’s comment, we reference the number since people make numerous comments within one post. It really helps the conversation better.
    Much thanks and appreciation,
    Adele Sakler

  • Your Name

    Sex. Hmmm. now, there are cultures where naked men sleep together in lodges and huts. They do not have sex. by and large, either they are not so inclined, or, such behaviour is nonconducive to desired form of bonding. In such cases, sexual desire among men would be…distracting. Minor digression. So, what is Sex, Sexual Desire? Seems “we” are inbuilt with a “need” to perform some procreative activity, to reproduce our kind. But, what does it mean when an ostensibly “male” human being (pick your metric) has that sexual “requirement” directed toward/at the members of “his” own “gender”? Or rather, intimacy and bonding are the highest of ideals, say, but what’s up with a male harboring a sexual desire for another male? Some hew toward their materialist ad hoc explanation. You, as a “Christian”, have no such dodge. specifically from you I ask, what is “sex”? __what is “sexual desire”?__And, insofar as some males have a divergent bonding requirement re other men, how and why does that automatically come down to the desire to have sex with other men, as opposed to merely bonding?__What is the difference, and what is the origin of the confusion?__Is it not entirely possible that what you are actually sanctioning and suborning is some type of gender confusion, in utero, primary, childhood, or otherwise?__Do you imagine that you know enough either way?