Twitters of Faith

There’s a new hashtag in the Twitterverse that’s attracting a lot of attention.  It’s called “Twitter of Faith,” the hashtag is #TOF, and the idea is that Tweeters would write out what they believe in 140 characters or less.

If Twitter isn’t on your radar yet, it’s a medium of micro-blogging that’s restricted to 140 characters per post (a.k.a., “Tweet).

Although I’m generally against statements of faith, I really appreciate the beauty and simplicity of TOF.  It’s a bit like NPR’s “This I Believe,” but different.

You can use the widget below to scroll through the most recent entries, or you can follow it directly on Twitter, or, if you’re not a Tweeter yet, join the Facebook group.

My own TOF shows my Moltmannian proclivities.

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  • I like your TOF, Tony. And I think I might be a Moltmanniac, if I can ever get around to reading his rather daunting trilogy.