Off to Memphis

I leave Minneapolis today for Memphis, Tennessee, in advance of The Great Emergence National Event with Phyllis Tickle.  My posts in the next few days will likely be focused on bar-b-que.  And, I suppose, on the content of the event and the people I meet there.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I heartily recommend that you read the eponymous book:

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  • Tony,
    I used to live in Memphis and there are three places you cannot go wrong with. On the cheap side is Topps BBQ. I would go there last because these next two are the best in town. The best one is in downtown Memphis near the river – Rendezvous. Their dry rub ribs are some of the best ever. A close second is Corkey’s ribs. They are located on Poplar Ave near I-240 toward the east side of town. If you are looking for BBQ these are a must.

  • Kenton

    So how does a Minnesotan compare Memphis BBQ w/Texas (a.k.a. “Real”) BBQ?