Memphis Bar-B-Que

As I wrote this summer on the Church Basement Roadshow, every place south of the Mason-Dixon line seems to think that they have the best BBQ.  IMHO, Kansas City and Memphis lead the pack (although Texas Brisket deserves a spot in the pantheon).

Yesterday, upon arrival, Doug and I went straight to the world renowned Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs in downtown Memphis.  The Rendezvous is known for dry-rubbed pork ribs, and they are fantastic.  In fact, we liked them so much that we set up a dinner for 100 people there tomorrow night.

I’ll be posting updates from The Great Emergence National Event, Thursday through Sunday.  Today is mainly taken up with detail work.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of my lunch yesterday:

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  • Texan

    Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

  • daniel

    Everyone knows that Kansas City has the world’s tastiest bar-b-que. ;P

  • Matt Dabbs

    Those ribs are so yummy! Don’t miss Corkey’s out east on Poplar. They will even do half wet/half dry ribs.

  • Texas deserves a spot… near the bottom. Pork is always better for barbeque. Always.
    If you do not want to believe it, fine. However, if one knows anything about how pig picks up flavor versus cow, those persons understand pork’s superiority.
    KC is the best BEEF BBQ, which puts it no higher that #3-4. TN and Memphis are #1 or #2, no lower. While not known to non-afficinados South Carolina (not North) may be #1.
    I like to test my theory and reevaluate as often as possible.

  • Existential Punk

    My arteries are clogging up just lookin’ at that picture you posted, Tony! Ummm doggie, it sure does look good though!