Whatever Happened to the SSM Blogalogue?

Some of you have asked what happened to the Same Sex Marriage Blogalogue between me and Rod Dreher.  Well, between Thanksgiving, an email snafu, Rod’s vacation and lingering stomach flu, then my stomach bug, we’ve taken a month hiatus.

I’m currently composing a post on the “slippery slope” danger that I’m constantly accused of in the comment section, but I plan to hold off on posting it until January.  I hope that then, once we’re through the holidays, Rod and I can consistently blogalogue for about a month.

So, stay tuned…

In the meantime, I encourage you to read the Pomomusings post, Enough with the Bible, Already!

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  • pberry

    Tony, why does every slope have to be slippery in these debates?

  • Dan

    As I’ve said elsewhere, the “slippery slope” argument was dismissed 25 years ago when pro-lifers suggested Roe v Wade would lead to infanticide and euthanasia. Today, we have elected as president a man who as senator acted three times to block measures that would outlaw putting live born abortion survivors in a closet to die.
    Yeah, that slippery slope argument is a bunch of hooey all right. We can dismiss that one out of hand.

  • http://kylejoshua85.blogspot.com Kyle

    Is the blogalogue going to address Biblically why you feel the way you do about homosexuality? That’s what I’m mostly curious about. I’m where you were at before–I don’t want to get this question wrong, but I’m not settled on it yet. I am committed to letting the Bible shape my view on it, though, once I am convinced one way or the other regarding what the Bible says, or rather, means about it.

  • Jason

    If Tony Jones echoes what the pomomusings sight had to say regarding this issue, then we can definitely be assured that he thrown the Bible completely out the window.
    It’s just like the Emergent matriarch Phyllis Tickle-our-ears said, “It’s not if sola Scriptura ends, but when.”
    It ended for the Emergents along time ago.

  • Jason

    Sorry…the sentence should read “…then we can definitely be assured that he has thrown…”

  • Charlie

    Allowing sola Sciptura to go by the wayside just as the primacy of the Pope was allowed to do is not the same as “throwing the Bible completely out of the window.”It’s much more nuanced than that.

  • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler (Man of Depravity)

    So are you saying you agree that we should look somewhere else other than the Bible for this issue?

  • Jeff

    I could not have written it any better.
    Carl Trueman has written the nicest critique of Newsweek’s defense of gay marriage.
    Trueman’s conclusion is wonderful and Christ-like.
    The article does end on a note with which I wholeheartedly agree, however, at least on the surface. She quotes a pro-gay priest as saying `if Jesus were alive today, he would reach out especially to the gays and lesbians among us.’ Amen, So he would. But not with the tawdry bauble of passing social acceptance; rather he would reach out with the love of the Father for those who are unlovely, offering them life in abundance, not through some intense but illicit orgasm; rather through the forgiveness and newness of life that comes from life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even as the church must dismantle erroneous hermeneutics and defend the authority of scripture, so she must also reach out with the love of the gospel to the dirty, the immoral, the things that are not, with the light of the gospel. With what does the Christ of Ms Miller reach out? A piece of paper and the promise of a few years of companionship, perhaps some great sex, and then what?
    Peace, Jeff