Don't Get Twitter?

Then do yourself a favor and read the Zen Habits post about Twitter.  Even if you never join, you won’t look like such a fool at dinner parties.

(BTW, you can see my latest tweet on the right sidebar —–> )

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  • How self-absorbed have we become?! How audacious of us to assume that people need to know (I guess some want to though) when we are drinking coffee, going to bed, reading a certain chapter, watching TV, writing a paper, etc., etc. Who cares? Twitter is just yet another narcissistic distraction from using our time wisely.
    Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, blogging, now Twitter (which I think is way overboard, wow, do you need to be in touch with everyone all the time about everything you are doing every second of the day?), iPhones, emailing and checking email every 5 seconds, emailing from your phone, blackberry, laptops everywhere you go, always constantly text messaging, blutooth, iPod always in your ear, constantly updating profiles, statuses, etc., etc… infiniutm….
    Technology makes it so easy to be obsessed with ourselves. Talk about our culture drowning in a sea of digital chaos….

  • clasqm

    I’m with Brian. Perhaps the two of us should start the anti-twitter twit stream. Our motto will be “Twitter is for twits”.

  • are you kidding me guys? the very things i might type into twitter are the same things i mention to friends when in face to face conversation. how narcissistic to speak with friends and share our lives together? i am quite happy to use my time unwisely if it means connecting and sharing with people i care about. i think this really is a mary/martha sort of argument that doesn’t deserve much more time here.

  • David, I am with you. I have friendships – real and true ones – I would never have formed without twitter. Yes, there is some meaningless chatter there – but there is plenty of that in “real life” too. Do you guys really claim to spend no time in meaningless pursuits? Come on.