Mission: Missouri Ministers' School

I’ve arrived on the shores of the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, Missouri, where I’ll be addressing a couple hundred Methodist ministers over the next three days.  Updates forthcoming…

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  • RevToad

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say in a few moments. More Later

  • RevToad

    Tony–Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts. There are a whole lot of people here that need to hear that it isn’t all about the institutional church. Thanks for reminding us to be missional and incarnational. Maybe we’ll stop be naval gazers and actually go and do as we have been called.

  • Patrick Moore

    Good stuff. I totally resonate with folks starting these “emerging” churches to save their own faith. I haven’t planted a church but I have used the “clergy ontological distinction” in my favor to make church more of place where I can save my faith too.

  • emma

    thank you for ya service bt am new in faith i accepted jesus christ on 11-1-2009 help me to be strong am ugandan bt live in Iraq be blessed

  • Susan C-J

    What can I say???? Prayers, blessings, hopes, love, mothering spirit, appreciation, blessings, and love are sent from me (actually US) to you….I am again listening to my heart around reading postmodern theology (if there is such a thing) and again rethinking ecclesiology. You were a Godsend to me. We may need to talk some more. Please call my office who can give you my cell # Susan

  • Loren

    My heart bleeds. I pray that in the days and weeks to come some that did not have ears to hear might develop a sense that they missed something important–for they have. May God encourage and strengthen you on the journey. Go with confidence and courage, my friend, and continue the conversation.
    In Christ,

  • Tony – Thank you again for being here this week. I hope that wonderful things happen as a result of what you had to say. It was really great to meet you and be face-to-face with you for a couple days. Hope we will be again soon.