Let's Be the Change

One of the theme’s of BO’s campaign for president that was most enthralling for me was the potential he holds to really bind our country together for the good of the whole.  Whether it be the massive investment into roads, bridges, rail, and other infrastructure, or the call for a spirit of volunteerism and service, Obama promises to usher in an era of cooperation that all persons of faith should welcome.

One of the first opportunities for us to link arms with our new president is his challenge to sign the Declaration of Service.  Initiated by ServiceNation,

This campaign now focuses on
building a national grassroots movement aimed at inspiring widespread
public support for increasing voluntary community and national service
opportunities, solving problems with proven service strategies, and

elevating service as a core ideal of civic engagement. ServiceNation
encourages all Americans to step forward and take the lead in bridging
our divides, strengthening our communities, and building a more vibrant

I’ve taken the challenge and signed the declaration.  Over the coming year, I pledge to volunteer 50 hours or more, primarily as
Cub Scout den leader with the Boy Scouts of America.
Click below if you will join me and volunteer on behalf of our country, our children, and our grandchildren:

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  • I signed my declaration of service this morning. I’m gonna network the hell out of this thing, too. What a good idea.
    I love it — Ian

  • :mic

    curious. . .
    how many hours did you pledge when President Bush made a similar request in 2002?