FYI, Captcha was disabled for about a week — we were listening to those of you who were frustrated with the Bnet comment interface.  As you might guess, we were inundated by spam comments during this time.  So, now we’re turning it back on, but without the time-out function.  That should save you some frustration when you comment.

However, some of you are still duplicating your comments because it doesn’t seem that your comment went through the first time.  So, let me suggest this: before posting your comment, copy the text of it to your clipboard.  Then post it, and go pour yourself a cup of coffee.  If you’re uncertain whether your comment went through, check for it in the comment section before you re-post it.

Also, I occasionally delete comment if I find them overtly offensive.  Bnet editors also delete comments, as they recently did to an entire back-and-forth string between EricW and Mr. Incredible.  While I probably would have let their comments stand, the Bnet editors are charged with keeping Bnet a safe and welcoming community.  If they determine that comments impinge upon that, they will unpublish those comments.

Some of you have accused me of deleting comments that I don’t agree with.  I haven’t done that once.  I usually delete about one comment per week.  The Bnet editors delete comments more frequently than I do, but it is never for ideological reasons.  It’s always for issues of tone and language.

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  • EricW

    My apologies to one and all for anything I wrote in that exchange that was deemed inappropriate.

  • Copying to the clipboard (or even writing the whole thing in a text editor) is the best way to go. I’ve been burned more than once with different comment platforms. Better to play it safe…

  • I agree blake, I almost always copy any comment that I wouldn’t want to lose. I’ve had that happen to me way too many times to risk it. Although, I have learned that sometimes it must be divine intervention or something because when faced with the need to retype a comment I often choose to stay silent – sometimes the best choice.

  • also wanted to add that if your comment is long enough to type into a text editor it’s probably best left as a stand-alone blog post. I really hate it when comments are as long as a full blog post.

  • Dan H

    I’ll second Makeesha–there have been a couple times where my comment was swallowed by the nasty captcha but it was probably for the betterment of humanity :).

  • panthera

    One of the things I value most about the Beliefnet fora is that we have the space to explain ourselves and to engage in a dialog.
    While not necessarily true in my case, many of the people who comment here need the space to develop their ideas or to make their case.
    It would be a great shame to lose that.
    I don’t mind losing text nearly as much as I vigorously resented the system picking up passages of text from older comments and posting them instead of my current text. Since the system never once picked up the contents of my local memory, only previous Beliefnet texts, it was obviously a problem with this system. If this has been fixed, yay. If not, well, no doubt if will be.
    As for deleted posts, well – I have never had a post deleted for disagreeing with the blogger. Sometimes, a heated exchange with a christianist has disappeared, but that is the price you pay. The alternative would be an echo chamber like most conservative blogs have.
    Thanks for your efforts to get this put straight, Tony.

  • Mr. Incredible

    What’s the difference between “christianist” and “Christian”?
    If “christianist” is supposed to be an insult, you may wanna take a look at TOS.

  • Mr. Incredible,
    Try looking it up for yourself. It is not an insult.
    I have affixed a link to an adequate explanation of the term.
    Andrew Sullivan is widely credited with this neo-logism, but after several decades, I think it may safely be used in educated company.

  • Mr. Incredible

    Wikipedia is hardly authoritative, and Andrew Sullivan, just cuz he uses a term, doesn’t automatically make it legit.
    So, still, there is no word, “Christianist,” particularly cuz a new word is not needed to replace, “Christian.”
    The only reason to use the made-up term, “Christianist,” is to insult cuz it would be just as easy to use, “Christian,” which does not.