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I’m with Larry:

Actually, the mere existence of soccer is proof of total depravity.

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  • Well if football (aka Soccer to cross atlantics) is akin to total depravity them I’m happy to wallow in my sins.

  • tim fitch

    thanks this was my first smile of the day

  • performing spring training “kicking drills” amidst the TULIPs again?

  • I am from the UK, (now living in Michigan) and I have lived in total depravity all my life… since I could walk I played soccer.
    In the UK we have a phrase that states, “Soccer is a gentlemen’s game played by animals, while rugby is an animals game played by gentlemen”

  • cp

    Ha! Obsession with sport in general is the real evidence of total depravity. : )

  • Andrew Kenny

    Soccer is The beautiful game and when played by greats such as Pele, George Best or Maradonna it is truly ‘poetry in motion’. The most skilful team in the U.K is ArsenalF.C.

  • cx

    Rather than the beautiful game of football, enjoyed by the rest of the world, American football is depraved.
    After ignoring the drugs that appear to be rampant in the “sport”, it encompasses two of the worst practices of civilization: meetings and war.