Cornerstone Festival

Next week, I’m speaking at the legendary Cornerstone Festival. I’ve never been.

Have you?  What are your tips and hacks for my time at Cornerstone?

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  • Bring a bike!

  • Kenton

    Way cool! Looking forward to hearing good things, Tony. You’ll be in my prayers.

  • There are many physical distractions that may distract you from an otherwise highly spiritual time.
    1. It is very dusty there. Try not to bring anything that you’d like to wear again. Especially if it rains. It is easier just to not wear shoes if it rains. It was once a pig farm.
    2. Drink water. It is hot, and if you don’t you may dehydrate and feel ill the first day.
    3. Sunscreen. Slather. Period.
    4. It can be cool at night, and the dew falls thickly so a rain parka/anorak may be needed for the late night shows.
    Although I haven’t been in 6 years, I am an 11 year vet.

  • Suezlu

    It is fun. I agree with all the above. It is kind of like a Christian Woodstock. Enjoy the whole experience. You will learn some things and hear some great music. New and old.

  • Cool. Yes, I’ve been. If you can, get away from the main stage and check out some of the smaller stages in the tents. Great undiscovered music there.
    My only hack is uber-cool Christian subculture that can be found there. Not everyone is like that, but some are.

  • 1. It is indeed very dusty. Rain is welcomed, as it gets rid of some of the dust, but it does make it really muddy and can cause a person to fall in puddles and be covered in mud at 2am.
    2. Yes, drink lots of water. There are spickets in various places, where one can fill up a container.
    3. Right. Lots of sunscreen.
    4. The cool nights are welcomed, but people say to be prepared for 100 degrees, and 40 degrees. Sometimes it doesn’t hit either, but sometimes it hits both.
    5. There are huge freeze pops that the local rotary club sells for $1 near the merch tents. There is nothing better around noon.
    6. Hand sanitizer.

  • Chris

    Some of my favorite memories from Cornerstone were when I was wandering around past midnight and joining in with whatever was going on. Lots of interesting people.
    Agreed on the water thing. Plan on going through three times as much as you think you will.

  • is Stryper going to play? that is the most important thing to find out.

  • I am with Colin, David Bazan. You might like MewtihoutYou also. Bring a handful of earplugs too.

  • Even more important that Tripp’s question regarding Stryper’s potential appearance, is the question of whether or not they will dawn the yellow and black spandex bee-suits. Let’s be honest, the success of the event, and your enjoyment of it, Tony, really hinges on this question alone.

  • The husband of our church receptionist plays in a Christian death metal band called ‘More Than Dust.’ They’ll be on the Sanctuary stage at Cornerstone for the first two days, and have four gigs there altogether.

  • John D’Elia

    I forgot to add the link to ‘More Than Dust.’ I gave it a listen and it made me feel old and also say ‘old’ things like ‘turn that damn music down!’ Enjoy.

  • Your Name

    I haven’t been in years, but in a past life used to love it. Bring sunscreen, bug spray, and rain gear. Earth-friendly soap if you’re camping, in case the shower line gets too long – the lake is lovely. Go lurk places you wouldn’t normally go (goth village?), as unobtrusively as you can, just to learn something. Dance at a concert that’s a new genre for you. Enjoy watching the kids at the art tent. The people are great – friendly, forthright, freely sharing what they have – enjoy the community. Enjoy the energy.

  • Skip the long shower lines and go straight for the lake. Faster, and more refreshing, too.
    Definitely check out the smaller stages. Even go so far as to avoid the main stage entirely, unless there’s a band you absolutely can’t stand to miss.

  • Robert

    * Make no assumptions about C-Stone it is different than any festival.
    * Try and camp close to the action the closer to the main stage you camp the farther you are from everything else.
    * Remember there is no assigned camping take your spot and make friends with the neighbors
    * Share with those around you C-Stone is about the community releish in it. Your neighbors may be weird but usually nice.
    * Check out the generator stages they have some good bands.
    * Also Check out the excel file here I have compiled a schedule from generator stages with the official C-Stone Schedule.. it will make planning easier.

  • One of the coolest places on earth Tony… at least when I used to go.
    I think I’ve been to a total of 12 or 13 of them.

  • jake dockter

    Take advantage of the film festival. the midnight concerts are also usually rad and well worth it.
    be prepared to be hot, dusty and overwhelmed by heavy metal and hardcore.
    the night shows are a welcome, cool, relaxing respite from the noise.
    lots of good people enjoy!

  • @Robert Thanks for the link to the Generator stages. I’m compiling as many Generator stage schedules as I can and posting them to the new Unofficial Cornerstone Schedule Maker web site. It lets you log in and add events to your own personal schedule for printing out.
    If you don’t mind, I’m missing Chasing Canadia and a few others that didn’t respond to requests for a schedule, and I’d like to use info from your spreadsheet.

  • Dixon

    Have an Iced Thai Coffee that they make at the coffee shop in the Gallery tent. It was always one of my high lights.

  • hey tony,
    say hi to the guys at the taize service for me.