Cornerstone Day One

I’m about to run out the door for Day Two of the Cornerstone Festival, so this will be a quick post. Yesterday was good fun, for sure. Unfortunately, there’s no public wireless on the grounds, so liveblogging is out.  And AT&T sucks, so I barely even get coverage. Thus, no tweeting, etc.

I did a morning session with Phyllis Tickle that was good fun, got a tour of the grounds from the Stegalls, ate lunch with Tim and The Intern (from Solomon’s Porch), worked on the Didache book edits, and then did another session.

Back at the hotel, I supped with Andrew Marin and Richard Twiss, and then hung poolside with them into the evening.

More thoughts when I get back to the hotel this afternoon.  In general, my feelings toward Cornerstone are entirely positive to this point.

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  • Carla

    You’re staying at a hotel? Well no wonder you have nothing but positive feelings so far. Get a tent brotha!

  • i have loads of GREAT memories of c’stone! its an experience…and athought it can be construed as entering the christian subculture, there are a great many very creative, fun, thoughtful people there. 🙂 enjoy.