Don't Tell My Kids…

…but this is what they’re getting for Christmas!

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  • Theresa Seeber

    You know, we have connections. I know it isn’t due out until Easter next year, but we already have a copy. Our kids feel so holy! It has brought “our family closer… to heaven” just like it claims!! In fact, we don’t even go to church anymore since receiving our copy. Why bother? We just do it at home. We even invite neighbor kids to come play with us. We have become the most popular house on the block. Your kids will love this too. Great gift idea. PS, I guess you have connections too, if they’re getting it this Christmas. 😉

  • petron

    Transubstantiation and genuflecting are words so underused in everyday speech. Can’t wait to hear your kids use them in context Tony.

  • Ian Scott Paterson

    Oh, Tony. When did you start condoning indoctrination???

    I’m calling the law on your legalism — Ian

  • Cody Stauffer

    Did you go to the actual website? It’s a pretty clever little advertising scheme!

  • Steve K.

    I trust this is all a cruel joke.

  • Carl Holmes

    Steve, I was hoping the same thing. Then I saw this

    What this world is coming to.

  • Greg

    It’s fake – viral marketing for a game called Dante’s Inferno. Hilarious though!