Breaking: Scot McKnight Soon to Owe Me a Pizza

I hereby challenge uber-blogger and blindly loyal Chicago sports fan, Scot McKnight to a friendly wager.

Tomorrow afternoon, the mighty Vikings play the once-mighty Bears in American football.  The current line is ranges from 10 to 11 points.  So I’ll give Scot 10.5 points.

When If the Vikings win, Scot will send me a Chicago deep dish pizza.

If the Bears win, I’ll send Scot some Peace Coffee.

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  • money in the bank, tony.

  • Tony Myles

    Send me a pizza either way. Gino’s East, Deep Dish Sausage Patty (covers the whole pizza)

  • SuperStar

    I am salivating over that Gino’s East pizza right now.

  • Danny

    Tony, I like the Vikings in this game, but there’s no way they will beat the Saints in the playoffs.

  • How about you threaten to send him some iconic Minneapolis food on a par with Chicago Pizza? Of course I’m referring to the Scandinavian delicacy of lutefisk. Perhaps that would be enough to get Scot cheering for the Vikings!

  • About the Saints … one would think that via a similar wager that I’d be offered some nawthern delicacy against my own wager of Louisiana Seafood (or even an Arnaud’s gift certificate). But this has always struck me as somewhat bass-ackwards for ’tis I who’d most be rewarded by our Creole-Cajun cuisine. jes sayin’ Who Dat!

    N’awlins needs this thing, spiritually, desperately … even for our diasporic citizens who’ll never be able to return …

  • Larry, my initial offer was lutefisk, but I determined that would not be a prize, but a punishment.

  • Tim Nelson

    Shame on you Tony for posting that picture of Gino’s pizza. I was planning to stay home and chill for supper this evening. Instead, I was drawn/forced to visit Davanni’s for a large deep dish pizza. Not quite Gino’s, but it did the trick.

  • So . . . did Scot take you up on it?
    Are you getting your pizza?

  • Everett

    Seems that, if Scott took the bait, he’s essentially giving you another 3 touchdowns just because he WANTS

  • Everett

    Seems that, if Scott took the bait, he’s essentially giving you another 3 touchdowns just because he WANTS to send deep dish pizza. Since there’s no way a bottom shelf coffee matches an eye-level pizza, he’d have to love you an awful lot!