So You Got an Amazon Gift Card for Christmas…

I am occasionally asked for book recommendations, so I’ve put together a list of Ten Books that Have Changed How I See the World.  You can always find it in the sidebar at right.

I had a very merry Christmas, and I hope that you did, too.

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  • There is no such list in the sidebar on the right. I would like to see it, however. Can you put it up?

  • Dave H

    So GREAT to see Godric on there. When I was a teenager that book cracked me open like an egg and fried me up for breakfast! 🙂

  • I love Parker J. Palmer and Frederick Buechner! My wife bought me a wonderful book for Christmas called “The Teaching of the Twelve.”

  • I normally use Firefox. Your book list is only availalbe if you view your blog on Internet Explorer, and there are several other things that only show up on IE. According to some reports, Firefox 3.5 is now the #1 browser. You need to see if there’s a way to make your blog Firefox-friendly.

  • Kenton

    Ditto what Bill says. I use Firefox pretty much exclusively, and never knew about this sidebar you speak about. Also, I only see 9 books at the link. Does IE figure out the 10th book too? 🙂

    • Hey, all, I use FF 3.6beta5, and it shows up there, and in past FF iterations. But I think that you have an adblocker extension running, so you cannot see much of my sidebar content. I can also see the links in Safari, Chrome, and Flock.

      I hope you can forgive me that I will not load IE on my Mac. 😉

      You can click on the hyperlinked text in the post to see the Amazon store. It will only list the first nine, and you’ll have to click to page 2 to see the final book.

  • duhsciple

    I only saw 9 books listed. What did I miss? Duh

    • My bad. Fixed it.

  • There is no place to click to page 2.

  • Michael


    “What’s friendship, when all’s done, but the giving and taking of wounds?

    Still one of the most moving sentences I have ever read.